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Rennotech offers various services to our clients. For example we provide sophisticated instrumental/chemical analysis service. Enabled by our in-house analysis platform, including varioius equipment, such as NMR and HPLC/GC-MS, we can not only strictly ensure the qulity of our products, but also provide QC service to our customers.
Rennotech also provides efficient and cost-effective outsourcing solutions to customers in the areas of organic synthesis, drug discovery, etc.
RennoTech is also open to collaboration proposals of any kind.
Some typical servies we can provide are listed below.
1£©Major Services
  • Contract Research Service
  • Contract Manufacturing Service
  • Custom Synthesis
  • New Route/Method Development
  • Synthetic Process Development and Optimization (including low temperature operation)
  • Analytical Service
  • Sample/Product QA & QC
2£©Special Expertise
  2.1£©Analytical Chemistry and Separation
Enabled by our own know-how technology and in-house instruments, our professional team can characterize, validate, and control product quality. We are also able to purify chiral organic compounds in milligram to kilogram scale.
  2.2£©Solid-Phase Characterization
RennoTech has extensive experience in cutting-edge solid-state NMR techniques that are frequently applied to pharmaceutical development and materials science. We have access to the state-of-the-art solid-state NMR facilities. We can not only provide NMR spectra, but also offer tailored solutions to meet specific client need.
Some typical applications include:
  • routine identification of crystal phases for API and formulation samples
  • Identification of multiple crystalline phases
  • Phase quantitation in API and formulation samples
  • Determination of disproportionation
  • Identification of phase separation for dispersion samples
  • Solvate characterization
    We can elucidate the local environment of a variety of nuclei, including but not limited to 1,2H, 6,7Li, 11B, 13C, 17O, 23Na, 27Al, 29Si, 31P, 45Sc, 63Cu, 71Ga, 77Se, 113Cd and 139La. We can also measure and detect acid concentrations and surface interactions in catalysts, zeolites properties (Si/Al ratios, Al coordination numbers), glass structures (B, Na, Al, Si, P and O local order), Li status during charge and discharge in lithium rechargeable batteries, oxygen local order/motion in oxides and oxygen conductors, P connectivities in phosphates, hydrogen bonding in polymers, structure of organic compounds, through space proximity between 2 nuclei (e.g. Al and P).
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