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Worldwide we offer chemicals with many unique structures in multi-gram quantities and purity higher than 95%. We use traditional as well as cheminformatics-based principles in the design of our chemical building blocks. By keeping on top of the latest scientific trends and advances in chemistry, and combining them with our own findings, we provide chemists with an expanding library of new and original compounds.

Catalog No Product Name Purity CAS No. Order
RL08812 (S)-N,N-Bis((R)-1-phenylethyl)-14,15,... > 97% Inquire
RL08811 (R)-N,N-Bis((R)-1-phenylethyl)-14,15,... > 97% Inquire
RL08810 (S)-N,N-Dimethyl-14,15,16,17-tetrahyd... > 97% Inquire
RL08809 (R)-N,N-Dimethyl-14,15,16,17-tetrahyd... > 97% Inquire
RL08808 (S)-7-Hydroxy-5,9-bis(10-(3,5-di-tert... > 97% Inquire
RL08807 (R)-7-Hydroxy-5,9-bis(10-(3,5-di-tert... > 97% Inquire
RL08806 (S)-7-Hydroxy-5,9-bis(10-(3,5-diisopr... > 97% Inquire
RL08805 (R)-7-Hydroxy-5,9-bis(10-(3,5-diisopr... > 97% Inquire
RL08804 (S)-7-Hydroxy-5,9-bis(10-([1,1':3',1'... > 97% Inquire
RL08803 (R)-7-Hydroxy-5,9-bis(10-([1,1':3',1'... > 97% Inquire
RL08802 (S)-7-Hydroxy-5,9-bis(10-phenylanthra... > 97% Inquire
RL08801 (R)-7-Hydroxy-5,9-bis(10-phenylanthra... > 97% Inquire
RL08800 (S)-5,9-Di([1,1':3',1''-terphenyl]-5'... > 97% Inquire
RL08799 (R)-5,9-Di([1,1':3',1''-terphenyl]-5'... > 97% Inquire
RL08798 (15aS)-9-(4,6-dihydropyren-1-yl)-7-Hy... > 97% Inquire

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