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 Chemical Synthesis: 
   We are capable of carrying out typical organic synthesis, including but not limited to the following reactions in various scales:      

    Steroid Chemistry
    Epoxidation Reaction
    Simmons-Smith Cyclopropanation
    Friedel-Crafts Reactions
    Peptide Synthesis
    Baeyer-Villager Reactions
    Miyaura-Suzuki Reactions
    Carbohydrate Synthesis
    Witting Reaction 
    Asymmetric Catalysis 
    Heterocycle Synthesis
    Buchwald-Hartwig Reaction
    Sonogashira Reaction
    Miyaura Boration
    Ullmann Reaction
    Negishi Reaction
    Sharpless Dihydroxylation
    Low-Temperature Asymmetric Synthesis
    Catalytic Hydrogenation (up to 200 psi) 
    Beckmann Rearrangement Reaction
    Curtius Reaction
    Lossen Reaction
    Michael Addition Reaction
    Alkylations (low to high temperature)
    Bromination & Nitration Reactions
    Aldol Condensation Reactions
    Friedel-Crafts Acylation
    Enzymatic Resolution 
    Polymer Synthesis

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