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RennoTech Co., Ltd. (RennoTech) is a leading high-quality provider of cost-competitive services and products to the pharmaceutical, fine chemical, and material industries worldwide. RennoTech provides a broad portfolio of chemistry-related services including chemical analysis and custom synthesis, including small- and large-scale synthesis of APIs for R&D use. RennoTech also offers solid-phase characterization and formulation service, which is enabled by our acess to solid state NMR.

Our major business includes:
1. Competitive Organic Reagent Supply
2. Custom Synthesis
3. Contract Research Service
4. Analytical Service
5. Technology Transfer

We engage all customer interactions in the highest ethical manner with complete transparency and accountability. RennoTech guards the IP of our clients with the strictest confidentiality. We conduct operations under an excellent management team, which possesses rich scientific management experience in both the United States and China. We strive to help our clients to achieve success with our expertise and dedication, from analysis to cost-effective synthesis. RennoTech is also open to any collaboration proposals by our clients to achieve win-win.

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